Project Management


At Labor Solutions, our Project Management Division helps us provide quality, value, and financial return to our customers through a piecework program unique in our industry. We developed the program to give Labor Solutions a competitive advantage in the area of supplemental staffing, but it quickly evolved into a viable alternative that ensures our clients can’t lose. Unlike our competitors, we create individualized programs with set costs – guaranteeing our clients won’t be faced with unforeseen expenses associated with such things as rework, inefficient workers, employee turnover, and no-shows. Labor Solutions staffs the job and completes the work on time and at the agreed-upon price. We work our crews and our supervisors at the customer’s site, giving them direct access to the project and the ability to personally monitor quality control. And when some projects demand additional room, we can perform the work at our facilities, giving our clients added flexibility and capacity. Contact us today and let us show you the benefits a piecework program can bring to your company.

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